Within the Campaign section, navigate to the Email Campaigns section from the left sidebar. Select Add Email Campaign to get started on creating your email campaign.

  • Step 1 (Recipients) is an overview of who will receive the email campaign. There are no actions necessary on this step. Proceed to the next step on the right side of the step navigation.
  • Step 2 (Setup) allows you to set your Campaign Name, Email Subject, From Name, From Email Address. All fields are required to proceed.
  • Step 3 (Design) is where you will create the body of your email. The body the content that is viewed when a user opens your email.
  • Step 4 (Preview) displays your email campaign in a preview similar to how users will view your content in their email client.
  • Step 5 (Review) is the final step before sending your email campaign. There’s an option to send a single email for testing purposes. Select ‘Send Campaign to List’ when you are ready to launch your campaign.