Agape is designed to empower your organization to reach your goals by providing an easy way to track supporters and donations.

Free for Small Organizations

Agape is completely free for smaller organizations. We want to empower you and see you grow.

Cloud-Based Management

No need to download any software. Agape is accessible on any system with an internet connection.

Reports & Analytics

Generate data reports and track your fundraising success over time.

Integrated Email Marketing

Easily create, send, and track performance of your email marketing campaigns.

Online Donations

Easily generate embed codes and links to facilitate online donations.

Donor Accounts

Secure donor account allow your supporters to view donation history and manage one-time or recurring donations.

Secure Data

All data is transmitted using standard security encryption, ensuring your data is not compromised.


Keep track of key information and notes related to donors and donations.


Set campaign goals and track progress as donors respond.